Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Curse of the A-Rodrino

The Sox won their second World Series in 4 years on Sunday in decisive fashion, pummeling an over-matched Colorado Rockies team that had the look of the proverbial Colorado deer in headlights in their first World Series. During the 8th inning of the end of the inevitable, Fox was already bored of the 4 game snooze-fest. (Really, was it EVER in doubt?) When foul line reporter broke the story that A-Rod was opting out of his Yankee uber-contract to test the limited free agency market to see how many more billions and billions of dollars he can squeeze from the average Joe baseball fan, the real story of this post-season unfolded. (My guess is that he's heading directly to the Royals to triple their payroll, but that might be the booze talkin.) You almost sensed that the Red Sox were ready to sign the guy up, right there on the spot to get a few more runs. Winning the series would not be enough. This type of enthusiasm is a mistake.

As everyone in Boston, New England, or any lame actor that rhymes with Ass-fleck could have told you, pre-2004, there was the Curse of the Bambino. Ever since that fateful trade in 1918 that sent the mighty Babe Ruth to New York for $18 worth of trinkets, the Bosox were cursed--doomed to never win the World Series for the rest of eternity. The Yankees went on to win 25 World Series over the next 80 years, while the BoSox lose in 7 at home to the Big Red Machine after one of the most dramatic home runs in World Series history and broke the dreams of an Angel Fan (me) in 1986, only to watch the championships roll through the hurt legs of Billy Bucks, who is really unfairly blamed for the 1986 loss. If there's any one person to blame in a team game played by TEAMS, blame John McNamara, the manager, who should have taken out Bucks for a defensive replacement or blame all of the Red Sox for not showing up in Game 7.

However, the Red Sox have turned it around. How can the stars be aligned with them instead of against them by an all-powerful womanizing, booze-hounding, glutenous dead dude who happened to hit the ball pretty dang far in a dead ball era? Easy. I'm going to call it the Curse of A-Rodrino. With the ability of the sports spinsters to weave one tale after another, this one was completely missed. Ever since A-Rod was signed, sealed and delivered to save the Red Sox franchise with a trade from the Rangers, only to be snapped up by the mighty and hated Yankees, the Curse of the Bambino was lifted, and so began the new curse: the Curse of the A-Rodrino. The Yankees tempted fate one too many times. The Red Sox have gone on to win 2 World Series while the Yanks have lost every year in the first round. Then, to really solidify the new Curse, the Boss (not Springsteen) has given up control of the team to his two sons (kind of like Charlemagne bequeathing the Frankish Empire to his 3 sons...no more Frankish empire), fired the most successful manager in team history since Casy Stengel, and quite possibly losing the best closer, the team captain, and most of the best arms of the pitching staff. To quote Mr. T, "Fonzie, your happy days are over!".

Fantasy Football: Week 8- The Rich Get Richer

In the NFL and in the FFL, the rule above is holding. New England played a Washington team that had a shot at the upset....on paper. When they made it to the field, it was OVER, quickly and decisively. Seriously, they will not lose. The Colts have a shot at them next weekend, but again, seriously. Last year, Brady had NO ONE at receiver and still had a rock solid year. This year, he has 3 studs and 30 TDs. Wish I would have seen that one coming. Then, Green Bay and Brett Favre. Somewhere, Madden was having a wet dream as Brett and the boys take a big one in Denver on the first play in OT. Tough week for Colorado fans.

While New England proved their dominance on the field, Team Jeter showed his Fantasy dominance against a tough Team Cioffi. As we all know, Team Cioffi was on a roll, winning its last 5 in convincing fashion. This week Cioffi met the Buzzsaw (aka Jeter). Cioffi put up 92 points, for the third highest total in the league, but only second highest in this battle and was rewarded with the "L". Cioffi got some good games from Selvin Young and Brandon Stokley, but Tony Scheffler on Jeter, the Denver tight end got 8 points to seal the victory. Tom "God" Brady and Wes "Sky" Welker had big games, while Marques Colston woke up at the right time with 24 points, giving Jeter his 8-0 start.

It's said that Defense wins championships. Defense also wins FF games, for Team Kat in this example. The SD Chargers D put the hurt on Matt Schaub and the toothless Texans, leaving some pain to dish out on Soul Crushing Dynasty. SD's D scored 21 points. The Packers D for Soul Crush got 9, but the difference in defensive scoring was margin of victory for Team Kat. Joe Addai and Joe Galloway made it interesting with big points and no whammies, but Ah,man "Why didn't you play?" Green gave Soul Crush no love, sitting out with an injury. Torry Holt was sighted in the Rams loss and put up 17 for Team Kat. Kat stays one game off Team Jeter's pace.

In the battle of the Number 11 and Number 12 teams, Trojanville made it interesting vs. Team Keith. If Jennings ran down the tunnel and out into the parking lot on his game winning catch to give him 60 more yards, Trojanville would have won. Unfortunately for Stein's team, Jennings got 22 points, but ran out of field and was handed a 5 point loss. Team Keith got monster games from Antonio Gates and TJ Houshmanzadeh (spell check please?) Poor QB play almost cost both teams, but in the end, Team Keith wins and moves to 3-5. Trojanville with its 7 loss in 8 tries might be playing for next season.

With a name change that this Bruin might begin to get behind, Raidah Nation dumpdorrell.com took on Team Duggan. Despite the lambasting that Tim took for playing Monica Bulger last week, he didn't blink and made a good call to start him this week. (He didn't have a choice as Joey Harrington was on a bye week this week, but what choice did he have...really?) Bulger scored 14 points for Team Duggan. Raidah Nation could have a QB controversy brewing. Big Ben Rothlisberger started over Drew Brees. Ben scored 15 points while Drew scored 29 on the bench. Drew Brees has arisen from the ashes of New Orleans awful start and is now a viable QB option. Parker and Jones combined for 33 in Raidah Nation's 82-70 triumph.

Big Giant Bunnies was one holding penalty away from beating Team Buckman. Brandon Marshall caught a 37 yard pass in the fourth quarter that was called back for holding. Those 3 points were sorely needed in the closest game this weekend. Buckman overcame bad showings by Verand Morency and Reuben Droughns "on the Lakes o' Wembley", but got a good showing from Derek Anderson, Brady blocker and David 40 Akers. Bunnies got a nice game Reggie Wayne, but it wasn't enough. Bucks gets even to 4-4 while Bunnies joins the party at 3-5.

After a smack board posting about getting his fantasy sh-t together, Team Shadic proceeded to start 3 bye week players against Trojan Busters, with little effect. (Just a tip Scott, zero plus zero plus zero isn't very much.) Luckily for Team Shadic, playing bench players wouldn't have gotten him the win this week, but still, after calling himself out, he couldn't get it together on Sunday. TB's had a tag team 20 points each from Westbrook and Ward, while Shadic hit two 18s with McNabb and Pats D. The Byes killed Shadic, who will have to rebound next week.

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