Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Curse of A-Rod Remains in Da Bronx

With A-Rod crawling back to Yankees by "settling" for 28 Mil per annum (wish I could crawl back for $28 Mil) and Mariano "Tomete a la " Rivera signing back up to shut down the BoSox for another three from the Bronx, it behooves me to celebrate the extension of the "Curse of the A-Rod" for another 10 in New York.

As I wrote about before a few weeks ago, when A-Rod did the old hidden ball trick with the BoSox in 2004, he single-handedly reversed 86 years of the Curse of the Bambino. Not convinced? Exhibit A. New millenium championships: Yankees 0, Boston 2. (Millenium starting in 2001 mind you.) Exhibit B, Yankees paying Texas $30 Mil because A-Rod broke his contract. Exhibit C, come back to this blog in 10 years and see if the Yanquis have won. I'm convinced that A-Rod's diss of the BoSox was too much for the baseball gods to handle. "You gave them Ruth, okay. You let Bucky Dent beat you in 1978, fine. For the other NY team, we'll have John McNamara leave in Billy Bucks to botch the play, sounds good. Pull the rug from underneath the Sox, thinking they got the best player in baseball? Enough is enough! How about you go up 3-0 and then go down faster than the Hindenberg never to fly again? Perfect!"
With A-Rod signing on again, the curse is extended. A-Rod is sure to pile on another 3 MVPs, but mark my words, the Bronx Bombers will not hold up the hardware again until the BoSox do something dumb, like trade for A-Rod.

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