Thursday, November 8, 2007

A-Rod to Angels? Good and Bad

I have loved to hate A-Rod for years. Sure, the guy is a stud with the bat and was once pretty good with the glove. But he was with the Yankees! The Yankees, who Angel fans like myself, tend to despise. When the Angels played the Yanks in the World Series championship year of 2002, I would have been content with them just beating the Yankees, even if they didn't pull it off. As far as I was concerned, when they beat the Yankees, the season was a success. Of course, they went on to win it all and in 2005, again beat them.

Now that A-Rod might be an Angel, I'm not sure how I feel. With A-Rod and Vlad the Impaler in the same lineup, they both might hit 60 home runs for a team that struggled its way to get over 100. (They had more, but it seemed like they didn't hit that many.) Heck, with a healthy Garret Anderson in the 5 spot, he could easily add 30 more. The possibilities are endless. However, with Great A-Rod comes great expectation and responsibility. As much as I love watching Vlad hit balls that almost hit the ground over 450 ft., he hasn't produced too much when it's counted in the playoffs for 3 of the last 4 years the Halos have made it. A-Rod was much maligned for his shortcomings in the post season in the Bronx. In the middle of June, hit 3 home runs when no one is watching, but under the glare of the post-season light, bat .155.

It's tough to be money when money's on the line. Usually, the post-season brings out the unlikely heros. Aaron Boone, David Eckstein, Bucky Dent. These guys were/are decent players who had decent careers, but became heroes because they produced when everyone was watching. So far, A-Rod and Vlad have not had those seminal moments of glory, with the season or title on the line. If they come together, could they help each other reverse the curse of the post-season, and realize their destiny?

This Angel fan wants to find out.

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