Friday, November 16, 2007

It's good to be the Queen

New Queen at Top of Standings

For most Fantasy teams, this week was a low scoring and horrible affair. For others like my team, the Trojan Busters, weeks of agonizing frustration finally ended with a huge outpouring of points. Most scores were lower this week, but the games for the most part were not really that close.

One game that was shockingly lopsided this week was the much anticipated match up between No. 1 Team Jeter and No. 2 Team Kat. Team Jeter brought a perfect 9-0 record vs. Team Kat, who's team had strung together 7 victories in a row. Both teams had key New Englanders out (Jeter without Brady and Welker, Kat without Moss). With two players on byes, Jeter was definitely at a disadvantage, and it showed this week. Team Jeter got stuck out of the gate and going into Monday only had accumulated a meager 33 points (Brady usually gets that on his own.) Backup QB Steve "Error" McNair only got one point for Jeter, while Team Kat with Kitna scored 13. The rest of Team Jeter didn't show up, except for recent acquisition, Willis McGahee with 11. Adam Vinitieri not only hurt the Colts chances to win with two uncharacteristic misses, but didn't help Jeter's undefeated cause either. Team Kat got good play from LT, Portis, and Miller to absolutely crush the Team Jeter Juggernaut. Both teams are now perched at the top of the JV Developmental League at 9-1.

The 4-5 clump in the middle of the league with 6 teams was thinned out slightly. The first 4-5 team to take a punch to the solarplex was (which after this weekend might be that much more likely at season's end..we'll see how they do against the No. 2 team Oregon in 2 weeks, but I digress...) was looking good with QB Drew "Cool" Brees playing against the up to this point in the season, pathetic St. Louis Lambs. At first, it looked like it was going to be a stroll down Bourbon street as Brees and the boys scored quickly. However, like most strolls down Bourbon Street can get in a hurry, so it did for the Saints. Looking like drunk 19 year olds, they managed to think too highly of themselves and ended up doing some things they were going to be regretting for years to losing to the winless Rams... Brees had a decent 14 point outing for, but the rest of the team didn't do enough and only scored 51. Big Giant Bunnies, angry from some tough losses the last two weeks, had a standout performance from Reggie Wayne, a recent addition, Roy Williams, and Jesse Chatman, the 5th stringer from Mia-ma. Brian Griese sucked again and only got 3 points, but his season is probably over with Rex Grossman bringing back the Bears from losing to the Raidahs??? Colts D also got 9 for BGB.

Team Buckman has seen better games. In a match between 4-5 teams, Ya Mo Be There took Team Buckman to task, not that Team Bucks helped their cause. Only Cedrick "The Non-Entertainer" Benson scored in double figures as the rest of the team slogged to a total of 34, which is close but not close enough to beat Ya Mo's 75. Ya Mo got a nice boost from No Action Steven Jackson's 19 and TO's 26, which is all they needed to get the win. Ya Mo moves into a fourth place tie at 5-5, while Team Bucks licks the wounds at 4-6.

Don't look now, but guess who's back? Back again? J$$tein's back...tell a friend. After being left on the side of the road for dead, like a bad zombie movie, $tein is starting to whack those who have wronged him. After a 1-7 start, $$tein now has more wins in the last two weeks than Team Jeter. This week, they did it in convincing fashion, breaking 100 points with one player to go. Some nifty trades (Big Ben), inspired play from the season long underperforming Bears D, and 7 field goals from Shayne Graham put Stein again in the win column against Team Duggan. Duggan finally got some production from maligned QB Bulger, but with Jackson back, NO's terrible D couldn't focus on stopping the pass only, which opened up some lanes for Bulger. Duggan was hurt by zero production from the running game. Crosby and Kellen "My other motorcycle is a wheelchair" Winslow Jr. had nice games, but it wasn't enough against a suddenly fired up J$$$tein. Team Duggan drops to 4-6 while Team Jeter goes to 3-7.

Trojan Busters took on Team Keith, in a battle that both teams needed. Trojan Busters was one of the 6 teams sitting at 4-5, while Team Keith was one game out at 3-6 and looking to move up. Luckily for Trojan Busters, Brian Westbrook decided to have another awesome game. Westie put up 38 points with 3 TDs and over 180 combined yards. Marshawn Lynch and Hines Ward split 16s while Palmer and Bowe doubled down with 10s to rally Trojan Busters to 113. Team Keith had a great performance from Tony Romo (25 points). The Reggie boys, Arbusto and Moreno, each had 13 points. The normally reliable Titans D didn't do so well today with a -1 and usually strong performer Antonio "Flood" Gates only had 3, which didn't help Team Keith this week. Trojan Busters moves to .500 at 5-5 while Team Keith drops to 3-7.

Mortadella (Team Cioffi) brought the cheese this week and takes a large 44 point margin into Monday over Soul Crushing Dynasty. SCD has 3 players, all Seahawks yet to play. If the Seahawks roll on Monday, they might be able to make up the difference in volume and pull this one out. If not, then, it will be a bloodbath. Mortadella got consistent play from nearly every position. Selvin Young scored 18, Issac The Bruce got 12, Jeremy Shockey scored 18, and the Jags D scored 14. Peyton Manning had 6 interceptions, but had enough yards and a touchdown throw to actually post 11. (In other leagues where picks cost 3, this would have been devastating. Not here.) SCD has an outside chance with Hasslebeck, Seahawks D, and Brown left to play. Maurice Jones-Drew had his usual 10 carry 100 yard 1 touchdown game to give SCD 18 points. The rest of the SCD team struggled except for Donald Lee.

Through Week 10, Team Jeter and Kat are leading with 9-1 records and clinched playoff berths this week, followed by Team Mortadella at 6-4, Trojan Busters and Ya Mo at 5-5, and the rest of the league at 4-6 or 3-7. Everyone still is in contention for the 4 slots remaining with 3 weeks of regular season remaining.

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