Monday, December 17, 2007

Final Four

One game was a blowout. The other was a squeaker. One had the two highest scores this week. One had a couple of the lowest scores. One team from each game moves on.

This week we had the #3 Fatty Mortadella and the upstart #6 Big Giant Bunnies in one match up and the #4 Trojan Busters vs. #5 Team Ya Mo Be There in the other.

#3 Fatty Mortadella vs. #6 Big Giant Bunnies

What's it like to score over 110 points, be the second highest score for the week and get eliminated from the playoffs and the big money payoff? You can ask Fatty Mortadella. Fatty came in as the number 3 seed and had to play the suddenly hot Big Giant Bunnies, who had played its last two games with elimination on the line. If Team Mortadella had scored 11 less points last week, they would have been #4 and would have advanced. As it goes, they faced the Bunnies and lost, big this week. But it wasn't for lack of effort.

In this league, if you score over 110 points, you have a good chance of winning. Chance was not in Fatty's favor. BGB scored 146 points this week while Fatty scored 113. BGB was paced with Jay Cutler (?), who has pretty much sucked from a fantasy standpoint in most of the last 10 weeks with a huge 27 points. Marion Barber had his every 2nd or 3rd big game with 28 while Brandon Marshall had 24. Team Mortadella got 29 from Peyton, 22 from new fantasy All-Star Earnest "Cadillac who?" Graham, and 24 from Jamal Lewis. Unfortunately for Team Mortadella, that's where the high scoring stopped. BGB kept on going with "I'm on a Plaxican Radio" Burress with 19 and the Colts D with 18 on their way to a season high score of 146. Cioffi got 12 from Braylon and 15 from the Jags D, but the Shockey, Positively Shockey zero from J. Shockey was a killer in this game. Cioffi, had they scored 11 less last week, would be looking at a semi-final matchup against Kat. Instead, they are hitting the pinata after all the candies gone, playing for 5th next week.

#4 Trojan Busters vs. #5 Team Ya Mo Be There

Both of these squads came in as the hottest teams over the last month. Trojan Busters reeled off 4 straight in its playoff march, while Ya Mo Be There put together 5 in row. If both teams came in hot, they left wondering what the hell happened last weekend. Only Team Ya Mo Be There was a little better in a game that was pretty horrible all around. Before a point adjustment on Sunday night, these two had wrestled weakly to a tie at 63. (63? Good time to have a couple of really bad performances!) Ya Mo had a game high 13 from Tony Gonzo. McNabb did enough with a blistering 12, while Action Jackson got 11. For the Trojan Busters, Westbrook had another great game with 18 points. Thomas Jones and Fred Jackson each had 11. Beyond that, complete futility. Trojan Busters had 5 players with exactly 3 points, including Carson Palmer who hasn't scored less than 10 all season. Only Jeff Reed scored more than 3 points with 8. Ya Mo had 3 players with 2, including normally reliable TO. Chris Chambers had enough to help Ya Mo with the win. They take it by 2 and face Team Kat in the semis. Good luck to all teams!

Best of the Rest-Consolation Style

Soul Crushing Dynasty, pissed off to be eliminated from the playoffs, took out its aggression on the game Under Achievers, 116-98. SCD had 26 from all of a sudden superstar Fantasy QB Matt Hasselbeck and 25 from Joseph Addai. 20 from the Seachickens D helps too. In a valiant losing effort, Underacheivers got 25 and 21 respectively from NO tandem Brees and Colston. Parker and Berrian had nice games, but the normally reliable Steelers D folded like cheap plastic with a -4. That was the difference as SCD wins.

Spoiler of Troy had a big game after a mostly disappointing regular season, kicking the crap out of Team Buckman, 109-41.

Team Keith beat Team Duggan 66-29. Neither team seemed to be in this one in a battle for bragging rights.

So, the playoffs commence with Team Jeter taking on a suddenly hot and dangerous Big Giant Bunnies. Team Kat plays the suddenly susceptible Team Ya Mo Be There, who is sure to turn it around from last week. These should be AWESOME GAMES.

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