Monday, December 10, 2007

Playoff Preview

It's the playoffs! We have some good first round matchups on tap, and for guys who didn't make the playoffs, we have games scheduled for the next 3 weeks. Playing for pride is a good thing!

This week we have the #3 Fatty Mortadella and the upstart #6 Big Giant Bunnies in one match up and the #4 Trojan Busters vs. #5 Team Ya Mo Be There.

[b]#3 Fatty Mortadella vs. #6 Big Giant Bunnies[/b]

Big Giant Bunnies has had its playoff mettle tested early, just to get in. The last two weeks were elimination games for BGB. After barely defeating Team Keith in Week 11, they had enough left to beat Soul Crushing Dynasty to avenge a week one loss and make the playoffs with a 6-7 record. Like many teams, BGB had some tough losses that could have gone their way. And, unfortunately for them, they had the 2nd highest amount of points scored on. They are led by Reggie Wayne who's had a breakout season in Marvin Harrison's absence and Marion Barber, who is good for 15 points from some red zone carries. Rudi Johnson, a fantasy disappointment most of this season, has come back from injury and will help BGB's cause against Fatty Mortadella.

Fatty had some early season woes, only to roll off 6 straight midseason, and slowed down slightly the last few weeks. Fatty's attack begins with Peyton Manning, a brave first round choice that is usually reserved for the running backs. The pick was a good one as Peyton is #3 among QBs through week 13. Mortadella lost Ronnie Brown midseason, but has picked up serious slack with Earnest Graham and Jamal Lewis running like it's 2004. Braylon Edwards of the Browns has been huge this year and Derrick Mason rounds out the attack. Having the number 2 kicker in Kris Brown isn't too bad either. H&V have this one favoring Fatty with the amazing scores of 132 to 117. I would have to give the nod to Fatty, but this one's going to be close.

[b]#4 Trojan Busters vs. #5 Team Ya Mo Be There[/b]

Both of these squads come in as the hottest teams over the last month. Trojan Busters reeled off 4 straight in its playoff march, while Ya Mo Be There has put together 5 in row. One of these teams streaks is about to come to an end. Ya Mo Be There has found fantasy gold in Justin Fargas in recent weeks. It's no coincidence that Fargas' rise has matched Team Ya Mo's. He has been the heart and soul of this ball club, while McNabb has been struggling. Former McNabb battery mate, TO, has had another great season with Tony Romo in Dallas and is giving Ya Mo some big point action. Steven "Was No Action but is now back in Action" Jackson has had a good last 3 weeks and is giving Ya Mo a formidable running attack.

Trojan Busters has had Brian Westbrook anchoring its attack all season. Westbrook has been the top scoring running back in the league despite 2 weeks of inactivity mid-season and has proven to be a good 2nd most valuable player this year (Brady wins in a landslide). Hines Ward has had some big games of late and could be a key in the game this week. Carson Palmer has been solid mostly, but has struggled at times this year. He goes up against a kind of weak Rams D and could help Trojan Busters. Marshawn Lynch came up big most of the season, but has been out for the last 3 weeks. He may or may not come back this week putting TB's in a quandary. H&V has the score 118 to 102 Trojan Busters, but anything can and will happen. This one should come down to the end.

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