Thursday, December 6, 2007

Week 13: That's Left...

Playoff Seedings:

1. Team Kat (11-2)

2. Team Jeter (10-3)

3. Fatty Mortadella (8-5, +10 over Trojan Busters)

4. Trojan Busters (8-5)

5. Team Ya Mo Better (8-5)

6. Team Allison (6-7): Picks up the last slot with a 12 point win over Soul Crushing.

The rest of the league will play in the consolation rounds for the next 3 weeks. The top two seeds have byes next week.

In a barn burner, the NE Pats hold on to the dreams of a perfect season. The playoff seedings came down to the last plays as well. (Not really, but we like to think so.) Brady to Welker would have given Jeter at least a tie with Trojan Busters. In the end, they fall 7 points to the TB's and remain the 2nd seed.

Team Kat got some revenge on one of its two losses this year, playing the trying to be aptly named "Beat Kat (again)" who defeated them in week 2. Beat Kat (Again) was game with big games from Vince Young, Gore, Norwood and Crosby, but when LT, Rowdy Roddy White, and Torry Holt have Rock star performances, it becomes very difficult to repeat the feat. Team Kat solidifies the top seed with a 138-85 win.

Big Giant Bunnies played itself into a chance to make the playoffs with a hard fought win over Team Keith. Soul Crushing Dynasty was in fine position to snake the last spot last week, but a tough loss put them in a must win situation this week. BGB had Jay "Sucks" Cutler at the helm and Jay DID disappoint with 2 points. Luckily, Reggie "John" Wayne showed who's the boss and put up 23 (or 1/3 of BGB's total this week). Nick Folk did well too. SCD had consistent performances from "Don't forget your bloody Matt Hasselbeck", Jones-Drew, and Joey Galloway, but little help from the rest of the lineup and came up 10 points short from the playoffs. BGB is in with the win.

Another team that had an outside shot at the playoffs was the Under Achievers (previously named, which got its wish today). Like the team that inspired the name (UCLA Bruins football who also had an outside chance for the Rose Bowl, but we all know how that went), Underachievers didn't do so well and fell to Spoilers of Troy, hard 86-50. Underachievers got some output from the Cardinals on the team (Warner and James), but nothing else. Spoilers of Troy, who had a rough, rough start to the season, caught fire recently winning 3 of its last 4 games. A couple of games that went their way and they could have been in playoff contention. 5 players scored in double figures led by Ryan Grant and Big Ben Rothlisberger. SoTroy ends the season at 4-9. Underachievers underachieved and end up 5-8.

Fatty Mortadella needed to outscore Trojan Busters by 10. In a playoff tuneup, Fatty scored 111, exactly the same amount as Trojan Busters to secure the three seed. Mortadella had 5 players in double figures, including 27 from Peyton's place and 22 from emerging All-Pro candidate Braylon Edwards. Buckman had 4 guys with 10+ including D. Anderson and Dallas Clark. Three zeros didn't help the cause, but with the season already really over, it didn't matter too much. FM wins 111-75.

Trojan Busters needed to win and outscore Fatty Mortadella by 10. They beat the 2 seed Jeter barely 111-104, but couldn't overtake the Fatty's at the end. TB's overcame a lackluster performance from Carson Palmer and had 5 guys score in double figures including Panthers D, Brian Westbrook, and Hines Ward, who helped me win here, but screwed me in my other league. Thanks and no thanks Hines! For Jeter, who got the 2 seed throughout the playoffs, Brady had a good game, but not his best with 17. Adrian Peterson back from injury got 24 points, and McGahee got 21. Jeter has been tough all year and with his powerpacked lineup is definitely going to be difficult to beat.

Ya Mo will take on Trojan Busters next week after dismantling a dejected Team Keith 118-56. Ya Mo had 4 players over 20 points including Fargas, Jackson, TO, and the now injured Derrick Ward. TK got 26 from Romo and not much else as the team struggled with not much to play for.

With that, the playoffs are set. Trojan Busters will take on Ya Mo in a 4-5 matchup. The winner playing Team Kat. Mortadella and Big Giant Bunnies square off in a 3-6 matchup, the winner playing Team Jeter.

Welcome to the Playoffs!

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